As I type this, I am laying in a top bunk of an albergue overlooking Santiago. We can see it. It’s right there. After all this time. Tomorrow, we will earn our Compestella. We estimate that we are approximately 5km from the cathedral. We need to be out of our albergue by 8:00, and will head DOWN the hill. I truly think there will be no more uphill climbs!!! Hallelujah!

Today, walking the 25km that we did, was very inspiring. Thinking of the thousands and thousands of people from all around the world who have walked this exact same trail before us – amazing. So many markers, memorials and inspiring words to finish the walk off. You can see how this has touched people from all around the globe. So many things I wanted to remember, so many things to take pictures of.

We thought of finishing the walk tonight. Of going right into Santiago. But there is something to be said about seeing it within reach, from atop a hill. Coming this far, there is no need to rush it now. Tomorrow, we will take our time and enjoy. This I suppose is what we’ve been walking for, but as every camino pilgrim truly knows, it’s just as much about the journey to this point as it is about the ending.

To be at this stage is both exhilarating and sad all at once. A year of planning has gone into this. I wonder if this will be our last camino? Or just the beginning? It is well known in the camino community that the first is never your last. It becomes an addiction. Something that continues to call to you even after you have left. We shall see. Our albergue host last night told us that he has completed the camino SEVEN times. Wow. He sure understands sore feet.

We are all excited for the morning. I hope we can sleep tonight.

Buen Camino :)











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